Information has become a very sensitive issue these days. We feel insecure even if we keep our personal information in the most secure place. Moreover, technology, e.g. Google, Facebook, has taken all our information out of our conscience. Sonargaon Capital School and College are much respectful in this case. We honor your personality and aware of the concealment of confidential information.

We will not be sharing your information without your consent as long as confirming it is safe. This Privacy Policy explains our information collection and sharing process. To maintain our activity and for the welfare of your child, we may share your personal information with a variety of third parties, including schools & colleges, scholarship administrators, marketing partners, advertisers, and counselors. However, we only share your personal information with these parties if you have either given your permission or we think it safe and helpful. We also share your personal information with vendors (for example, our web hosting provider) as needed to assist our school with business operations, but they are contractually required to keep your information confidential.

2. TYPES OF PERSONAL INFORMATION WE COLLECT Student Admission – When you admit your child at Sonargaon Capital School and College, you are asked to provide certain information, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, and other academic and demographic variables relevant to the college selection/admission process. You may update this information at any time after your initial registration.

If you are searching for scholarships, you may be asked to provide additional information that will help you as a candidate for particular scholarships, including financial information, community involvement, or disabilities. Information: We are always very much hospitable to our well-wishers and visitors who are eager to help us by giving necessary information for our privacy.

Sonargaon Capital School and College is humble enough to the online visitors and is also in a secret position about visitors and its personal information from others who would be harmful to them. We are always ready to purchase advice and services. We would change the online forms and norms according to the balance of quality service.

Collection of information: We have decorated students’ information with authentic and legal sources and keep it in safe storage. We have also collected personal information including name, location, mobile number or telephone number, etc. These are provided on a voluntary basis only.

The purpose of information: There is a lot of information that is required by the education board. So, we must collect them. It will help your child to seat for the board exams. The rest information we collect is for the extra care we provide. We use this information to respond, inquire and request further information. We also try to build up strong communication with the guardians to share students’ summaries about their lesson and manner.

Children and privacy: Sonargaon Capital School and College do not knowingly allow to receive information from children who are under 18.

Changes to policy: As we are committed to providing our best service so that the students can enhance their knowledge and thought we decide to change its privacy policy and practices. Our visitors are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it.

To protect information from the threatened parties: We have gathered every information very carefully and stored this honestly. We also ensure that this information will never be shared with a single one who would be threatened by someone. Basically, we do not allow third-parties in our privacy.